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Disposal Bins

Our bins our specifically designed to maximize volume and minimize footprints but also allow for easy loading. The 20 yard bin provides plenty of volume for any project and the 8’x12’ footprint allows to be placed almost anywhere.
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Compact Trucks & Bins

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Professional Staff

Experienced staff in all construction aspects, not just trucking so we understand the needs of the clients and importance of clean and accessible job sites.

Save Time, Net Profit

Hauling your own garbage is costly, fuel, tipping fees, wear and tear of trucks and trailers, insurance and most importantly lost productivity are all factors eliminated by Bluerig

Flat Rate Bins

Our bin rentals are all inclusive, with higher volume capacity then most of our competition, this means more garbage and less orders for a flat rate within the Ottawa and surrounding region.

On-Time Service

Contractors have the option of sharing our dispatch calendar so you know without calling when we can pick up or drop bins in real time.

Power & Magnet Sweep

All pickups include magnet sweep and power broom included in service. Perfect for roofers and contractors doing projects for home owners.

Bin Design

Our bins are shorter than most of our competitors, allowing space for vehicles in most driveways in front of Bins. By widening foot print and increasing wall height our bins have 15-30% more capacity than competition and the removable sides keeps loading easy.

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Interested in booking a bin or one of our services?  Call us anytime and we would be happy to help.  Feel free to reach us via our contact page and well respond promptly.

At BlueRig our main goal is customer satisfaction, providing an easy dispatch protocol and prompt service is our main focus.  Protecting the property and driveway surfaces is top priority for us.  All bins are equipped with running boards and blocks so the bins never touches the driveway.

Are you a roofer or landscaper?  Contact us about our magnet sweep and under-bin power broom service, no need to come back to site, let BlueRig do the final clean for you!

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Save Time, Net Profit. x

Our Mission

Our mission at BlueRig is to provide the Greater Ottawa area with a premium disposal service. We know that projects can be hectic, no matter how big or small, and every project has waste. By providing prompt dispatching, competitive pricing and easy to use payment options we take the headache of disposal aspect of your project.
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Our Vision

BlueRig is comprised of a group of partners well versed in the construction industry, with over 20 years combined experience in residential and commercial project management. Our goal is to simplify the disposal industry. Our use of compact yet capable trucks allows our clients the ability to use our service in the smallest of sites.
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Testimonials x

Extremely easy to work with and always on-time. Mckenzie and his crew have managed to deliver on every promise and provide me with much more precise drop times then the competitors. Jason Kovar | Kovar Contracting